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You Said What?
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Scouting terms, what they mean.

BSA Pack 421

1) Class A uniform: This is the official uniform of your Scout Rank.

2) Class B uniform: This is usually a Scouting t-shirt. This is a working uniform that still shows you are a Scout.

3) Sign offs: The parts that are required to complete an Achievement.

4) Achievements: The things you need to learn to complete your Rank.

5) Rank: What "grade" of Scout you are (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Scout, Tenderfoot, etc.)

6) Den Chief: A First Class or above Boy Scout who assists a Cub Scout Den, or Pack. This title is sometimes given to non-scout teen age helpers that work with a Den.

7) Den: A group of up to 10 boys in the same grade, who are working towards the same rank. Dens make up the Pack.

8) Pack: The title of a Cub Scout Unit. It is made up of the Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Dens.

9) Dues: The weekly or monthly fee you pay to support the costs of the Pack.

10) Recharter: Every unit, and member, must renew their membership with their Local Council each year, along with their Charter organization. This is called a Recharter.

11) Charter Organization: This is the owner of the Scout Unit. The church, school, or other community minded association that sponsors and supports the Scout Unit.

12) Scout Unit: A Troop, Pack, or Crew. A group under the same Charter, Leadership, and Council, that meets together.

13) Pinewood Derby: A race. The cars are made from a 3" block of Pinewood that each boy shapes into a car. The cars then run down a free fall track.

14) Webeloree: A camp out for the Webelos in all the Packs, in one District.

15) District: A section of a Scout Council

16) Scout Council: The Headquarters for a local area

For more in depth explaination of Scouting look through the rest of this site.