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A little History and a bit of Facts, about Scouting

BSA Pack 421

The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated February 8, 1910, and granted a Congressional Charter on June 15, 1916. The Scouting program was begun by Sir Baden Powell in England on January 24, 1908, and established in America with the help of Ernest Thompson Seton. The Tidewater Council of the B.S.A. was established in 1911, it is the 5th oldest Council in America. Cub Scout Pack 421 is part of the Tidewater Council.

Cub Scouting began as a place for the younger brothers of the Boy Scouts. A program to help get them ready to become a Boy Scout. That is what we are still doing today!

Scouting: Fun with a Purpose.  The Scouting program is designed to achieve objectives in character development, citizenship training, mental and physical fitness.  It guides it's members to develop the character traits of; self-reliance, consideration of and service to others, personal courage, and above all citizenship to Country, Community, School, and Family.

Q:What do Michael Jordan, Jamie Foxx, and George W. Bush have in common?
A: They were Cub Scouts in their youth.

Drawing of a Boy Scout with a Webelos Scout and a Cub Scout

Cub Scout Motto: Do your Best

Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared

Boy Scout Slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily

Interesting Facts:
Did you know that one out of four boys who show an interest in Scouting will join, and three out of four business, and community leaders are former Scouts?

Did you know that the Girl Scouts were also began by Sir Baden Powell? This was a project in partnership with his sister, Agnes Baden Powell. The Girl Guides became the Girl Scouts when Juliett Low started the program in America.

The word scout comes from the French verb écouter which means "to listen".
Q: How are Microsoft, Walmart, and the Moon, alike?
A: They were all discovered by Boy Scouts!  Bill Gates a Life Scout, Sam Walton an Eagle Scout, and 11 of the 12 men who actually walked on the Moon were Boy Scouts.  Neil Armstrong the First man to walk on the moon is an Eagle Scout.