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What Does a Cub Scout Do?

BSA Pack 421

The BSA Cub Scouting program is targeted towards 5 areas or groups of activities:

1) Physical Fitness this includes; exercising, playing sports and active games. (not Game Boys)

2) Community Awarness is learning about the Community and it's, Leaders, Laws, and History. This includes good Citizenship at Home, School, and in the Neighborhood, also Community Service.

3) Technology is fun hands on learning; Computers, Hand Tools, and Science.

4) Outdoors it's what Scouts are known for; Camping, Biking, Nature Hikes, and Improving the Environment.

5) Self Improvement includes; Art, Schoolwork, Reading, Exploring, Family Religion, and Family Assigned Chores.

Each group has several achievements within it. There is something for almost every interest.

Each age level works on skills within the groups that are age appropriate.

For instance a Tiger goes on an outdoor picinic with his Family, and a Webelos goes on a Weekend Campout with his Den.

A note to Parents:

If you are concerned that Scouting will conflict with school work, Don't worry!

The Scouting program supplements the SOL requirements, and in some cases exceeds them.