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Uniform information
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What uniform do I need? How much will it cost?

You do not have to buy your uniform new.  You can buy used from the Pack closet, or Thrift stores.

Price information from the current  Boy Scouts of America Retail Catalog.  Shop at

BSA Pack 421

Tiger Cubs: (1st. grade)
You wear the navy blue uniform,
with the Tiger neckerchief
Tiger Book

Wolf Cubs: (2nd. grade)
You wear the Navy Blue uniform
with the Wolf Neckerchief
Wolf Book

Bear Cubs: (3rd. grade)
You wear the Navy Blue uniform
with the Bear Neckerchief
Bear Book

All of the uniform shirts need insignia on them:
Council Shoulder Patch
Numbers (421)
World Crest
The Neckerchief slide is not required we make our own

Webelos: (4th. & 5th. grade)
You have the choice of either the Blue uniform or the Tan and Green.  If you are just starting as a Scout we recommend the Tan and Green.  This is what you will wear when you cross to Boy Scouts.

Shoulder Loops
Cap & Belt