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BSA Pack 421

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We deliver locally in the Tidewater area.
We value your privacy, and have done our best to insure secure purchase information.

Any information collected here is used strictly for delivery of your purchase.  The person delivering your product is the only one given your contact information.

Popcorn tins may not be the same as those pictured, here on the current order form.  We do not have control over the product shipped to us by the supplier. 
Any item $30.00 or more is not returnable, except for product damage, and must be paid for in advance of delivery.  Each item costing $30.00 or more is individually boxed.
Sale begins August 1, 2018 and ends November 3, 2018.  Product will not be delivered before August 6, 2018 or after November 4, 2018.


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Please use this form to order your popcorn.  An invoice will be e-mailed to you with totals, payment and delivery information. 

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Do you want more choices? The Pecatonica River Popcorn Company has varieties that will be shipped directly to you, or someone you may wish to gift with a charming popcorn tin.

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Pack Seller ID: 54513

 To benefit Pack 421 will be available in September. 

75% of the price helps to support the Scouts in Tidewater Council. 
35% of the price helps to support the Scouts of Pack 421.  Your purchase helps us go to camp, buy uniforms, participate in educational and fun outings and activities. 
Thank you for helping teach our youth the value of earning their own way!